Oceans of Fury
Oceans of Fury Logo
Spawned: June 15th, 2016
Founder: RisingSun90777
Power Size: 14-15 (As of 2016)
Game of Origin: Warframe
Active: June 15th, 2016 - Present
Occupation: Military Power

Oceans of Fury was a clan founded and established by RisingSun90777, on Warframe, in mid 2016, and was also best known for its Expansion into the Halo franchise.

Having to be led by both RisingSun90777 and Eli Crest, the clan was known entirely as an Oceanic based clan, of the element of Water, that represents the 2 main oceans on Earth including that of the Arctic Circle and northern Oceans.

The Clan is currently still being expanded, as new members are still being recruited into joining, but as of July 1st, 2016, the Oceans of Fury are allies with the Fire based clan the Flames of Fire, a clan run by Razoblade, that was commonly known as DragonFlame.

Its current capital planet, is Uranus on the Clan's Warframe chapter, while Remnant, was the main capital map for the the Clan's Halo Master Chief collection chapter.


Origin DaysEdit

Merge into Night WatchEdit

Military Edit

The military of Oceans of Fury, possessed state of the art based armors for Spartans, and Elites, with an Oceanic midsection appearance.

The main armor color for Shadow Ocean, is midnight blue secondary and ice Blue for grunts, while the leaders often use dark blue primary, and Midnight ice secondary.

At the early stages of Oceans of Fury's founding in early June of 2016, the clan's equipment composed of mainly covenant vehicles and guns, but also posses two firearms that are no longer of Covenant origin, one being the Human sniper rifle, and the other being the Incineration Cannon, and Scattershot that is used by Promethean Knights in both the Halo 4 and Halo 5 campaigns, for the Clan's Halo chapter.

In the Clan's original Warframe Chapter, the military uniform of the Oceans of Fury consists of Loki, Frosts, Rhino, and Hydroid type Warframes, while the colors of its exact appearance was known to be Dark blue, to Light blue, where the firearms that were mostly used for the Warframe Chapter were known to be Tenno based guns merged with Grineer firearms, while the main capital world for the Warframe Chapter was known to be based at Uranus.

Armor locks of the Oceans of Fury, mostly composed of mainly two abilities, the first and primary one being Active camo, and the second one being a jet pack for maneuvering up to hard to reach places during training or typical raid purposes.

The Clan's main source of transportation when it came to Warframe, was the Scimitar Landing Ship, while in the Halo franchise, the Scimitar is replaced by the standard issue Covenant Banshees.

Multiple covenant vehicles make up the Oceans of Fury's punching power, from Wraith's, Ghosts, and Revenants, while many other Covenant vehicles from different kind of Halo games were also included, the military team sessions of Oceans of Fury, are separated into 4 different type of sessions, Teams Atlantic, Pacific, Whirlpool and Oceanic, each one representing a different branch of the Oceans of Fury military.


Warframe ChapterEdit

First developed by RisingSun90777 during his 2 years with the clan DragonFlame, before his departure because of the clan being that of too much fire and not much of the element of water, The Boltor, was the primary assault rifle for the higher ranking soldiers of the Oceans of Fury clan, and was also the main assault rifle for the Clan's Warframe chapter alongside the Soma, that was to be used for recruits and grunts of the clan's main military units and soldiers.

It is the main primry assault rifle to the Warframe chapter of Team Atlantic...

... DEVectis
Like the Boltor, the Soma, was designated by RisingSun90777 to serve as the primary assault rifle for the lower to mid ranking soldiers of the clan's Warframe chapter, and was also known to be a great rifle due to its range and capability.

The rifle as of October 2nd, 2016, was constructed and completed after reaching Mastery Rank 6, on October 1st, 2016...

... DexSybaris
... Ogris
... Grinlok
... DETigris
Known as the Clan's first pistol before its upgradation to the AK-Boltos in mid July 2016, the Sicarus, was the main pistol choice for all Clan members alongside the AK-Boltos. This pistol was currently constructed by RisingSun90777 during his early years on Warframe and had remained his primary side arm until he upgraded to the AK-Boltos in July of 2016

Despite the upgradation, RisingSun90777 still acquires this pistol, and decided to make it one of the primary military guns for the Oceans of Fury Warframe Chapter...

... Latron
Dual Skana
One of RisingSun90777's main dual swords, the Dual Skana's were known as the primary swords for Team Atlantic, in the Oceans of Fury's Warframe chapter, and was commonly also known to have been conceded as a primary weapon of grunts of lower ranking in the clan... DualSkana
... TennoTonfa
Known as the primary Sniper Rifle for Team Atlantic, the Rubico sniper rifle, is known to be used most of the time from frontline warfare, and serves as a Warframe counterpart, to the Human sniper rifle in the Halo franchise... FiveShotSniper
The AK-Bolto's were constructed in July 2016, in hopes of developing a replacement side arm to the aging Sicarus side arm that the Oceans of Fury was posing for 2 and a half months, and the main sidearm that RisingSun90777 possessed for the last 4 years on Warframe.

The Boltos are best for their current speed, and fast reloading experience, the Boltos were known to be used by the grunts and of the Oceans of Fury and was also known to be used by the Higher ranking officials as well, including that of Warlords, marking these pistols as independent guns like the Soma assault rifle...

Burston Prime
... PrimeBurston
Nami Solo
Known to RisingSun90777, as the Pirate blades, these one handed blades were chosen by RisingSu90777 in order to become part of the Oceans of Fury Warframe chapter's melee arsenal, the reason behind this is mostly because of the blades sudden resemblance from that of Pirates of the Caribbean.

This blade is mostly used by the mid ranking soldiers of the Oceans of Fury, and can be aquirred if a soldier on the clan reaches the rank of Sage or Leader...

... DEAkmagnus
... Hind
... TnoBladedPistols
Prime Latron
... DELatronPrime
Prime Vectis
... VectisPrime
... AkimboSomaPistols
... TennoTommyGun
... TennoUzi
... CrpFreezeRayRifle
... Supra2
... TnoPrmryXbow
... ChainLightningGunEdit
Tigris Prime
The Tigris Prime was a new experimental weapon in the Oceans of Fury, that is currently under research by RisingSun90777 on Warframe, the shot gun is set to replace the old Tigris as one of the primary shotgun for Whirlpool... PrimeTigris342

Halo ChapterEdit

Halo 2 to 4 ChaptersEdit

Storm Rifle
... H4 stormrifle trans
... H3-BruteMauler-transparent
Sniper Rifle
... Reach MPBeta Sniper2
Fuel Rod Gun
... Halo 3 fuel rod gun by toraiinxamikaze-d353c4t
Plasma Rifle
... Halo Reach-Plasma Rifle
... H4 scattershot trans
Plasma Pistol
... H2A Render CampaignPlasmaPistol
... Railgun
Energy Sword
... H4 sword trans
Fuel Rod Cannon
... HaloReach-FuelRodGun-Profile
H-2 Carbine
... H2 CovenantCarbine
H-3 Carbine
... H3-CovenantCarbine-AngleSide
H-4 Carbine
... Type-51 Carbine (HA)
H-5 Carbine
... H5G Render Carbine
Concussion Rifle
... H4 concussion trans
Beam Rifle
... Halo Beam Rifle
Incineration Cannon
... H4 incineration trans
Plasma Cannon
... H4 Shadow Ocean Plasma Cannon
Halo 2 Plasma Cannon
... H2 Shadow Ocean Turret

Halo Reach ChapterEdit

Plasma Rifle
... Halo Reach-Plasma Rifle
Sniper Rifle
... Reach MPBeta Sniper2
Focus Rifle
... Focus Rifle Cropped
Concussion Rifle
... H4 concussion trans
Plasma Pistol
... H2A Render CampaignPlasmaPistol
Energy Sword
... H4 sword trans
Fuel Rod Cannon
... HaloReach-FuelRodGun-Profile
Plasma Launcher
... Plasma Launcher
Plasma Repeater
... Plasma Repeater
Plasma Cannon
... H4 Shadow Ocean Plasma Cannon


The Vehicles that are used by Oceans of Fury, were known to be produced and stored inside Halo Reach's Forge world, at Oceanic Industries, which was designed to represent a factory for Covenant based vehicles.

The land based vehicles for the Clan's major ground units, that are mostly used for either Raids or simple custom gaming events, are known to be of 3 basic land vehicles, the Wraith, Ghost, and the Revenant.

The wraith was chosen to be the clans official battle tank due to its speed and mobility, while the Ghost was chosen to be used as a scout vehicle for clan members.

In the Waframe Chapter, the main vehicle and source of transportation was the Scimitar Landing ship, due to its oceanic identical look to that of a Stingray.

Despite being used for scouting purposes, Oceans of Fury also uses ghosts for front line engagements as well as Raids, against opposing clans. The Revenant was mostly used for patrolling purposes, while Clan Members are sent out to patrol or defend a certain structure that is known to be either property of Oceans of Fury, or a very important post which needs to be defended.

Revenants take over the side of the Wraiths, if Wraith tanks cannot enter the map, due to either terrain or size.

Unlike the land based vehicles for the clans Ground units, Ocean of Fury's air force composes of Banshee's alongside RisingSun90777's own banshee, that he had used since the Moderation war 2 years earlier in 2015.

... H4 Wraith
Ark Storm
... AAWraithH3
Hell Corus
... H2 Wraith In
... H4-T26 Banshee
... Renenantrender
... H5G-ghost
... Scimitar
OSN Poseidon
... OSN Poseidon


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