Kings Castle
Kings Castle
Date Created: May 29th 2017
Maker: RisingSun90777
Map Type: Racing
Residents: Kingumcash
Property of: Night Watch
Apart of: Project Course
Inspiration: Cortex Castle (Crash Team Racing)

King's Castle commonly referred too as Kingumcash Castle is the second track of Project Course and was known to have been the second part of RisingSun90777's gift to the NightWatch clan, in order for players to race on Halo 5.

Though created by RisingSun90777 himself, It is declared that King's castle was created and developed specifically for Nightwatch Leader Kingumcash, revealing that the entire castle like race course is Kingumcash's home course.

Unlike RisingSun90777's hometrack, Rising Arena, King's Castle is shown to be more challenging, and obtains way more jumps, then RisingSun's stadium.


Being one of the finest tracks ever to be developed by RisingSun90777 as part of Project Course, King's Castle is quite hard. The track features near endless sharp corners and edges as well as several jumps.


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